Manufacturer ICT tester
Model ICT QBS-Q518


Offline fixed probe test system with component test time

Component level MDA test and circuit level ATE test can do in the same platform at the same time to save the man hour in test station.
Cost effective :integrated MDA module and function module at any time you want to realize your complicated test work.
Both MDA and ATE automatic switch, additional fixture isolation does not require.
Security :your already exist function module can integrated as a partial of this system through software or hardware linking. You need not to tell us the detail technique about you products.
Flexibility: you can bundle any test module from current system easily upon you products innovation. You can update your system just in time.
Nature graphic simulation interface, so that you can debug your test program very easily.
Oracle Data base architecture, users can program their special facilities/functions by their own without modify the system software.


Standard Configuration:

256 channels

Maximum Points:

1024 (65536 - customized) 

Isolation points: 10 per test step, automatic learning isolation
Conventional signal source: DCV:±10mV~±7.5V or 15V
Test frequency: 100Hz, 1000Hz, 10KHz, 100KHz, 2MHz (50Hz)
Test step: no limit
Component test: 1~40 ms
O/S test: 0,5~102 s
Test scope: resistance(0.052~100МΩ (2-wire type),1~5% (4-wire type) 10мΩ), capacitance(1pF~40mF±2%~5%), inductance(1uH~50H±2%~5%) 
Testing components: diodes (0.1~9 V±1%~3%), zener diodes (0.1~15 V±1%~3%), transistors (Vce saturation voltage and B value are tested in three stages), field-effect transistors (Vds.Cds&Rd(on)), Optical coupler and power failure organ (The four terminals test their on-voltage or resistance) 
Testing microresistors(4-wire type): minimum 50mQ (4-wire)±10mΩ 
Key press function: during the key test, the program is suspended, and manual operation is used to detect whether the key is good or bad 
Automatic stamp: test PASS or Fail automatic stamping equipment  
Monitor placement: monitoring placement orientation (PASS or Fail shunt) 
First pass yield surveillance: When the first pass yield < X is the alarm bell and < Y is the alarm bell, stop the line inspection 
Graphic function: board Vvew and automatic production of board view 
Test data archiving: save the test data selection items & barcode scanning  
Impedance series-parallel connection: using multi-frequency test and phase separation method (8 ~82 degrees) 
Polarity of electrolytic capacitor and leakage detection technology: three-terminal characteristic discrimination comparison technology test and two-terminal leakage current test
Hardware protection function: infrared protection function
Operating system: Windows XP 
Computer configuration: CPU: Dual Core 2.8+Memory: 2GB/ Hard Disk: 1000G+G
Monitor: 19” 
Printer: Epson Bill 
Machine size (LхWхH): 1000х750х1600 mm (machine size can be customized according to customer requirements) 
Circuit board dimensions: 500х350 mm   
Air pressure Requirement: 3~6 bar
Working temperature: 0~+45℃ 
Working humidity: 10-90% 
Power supply: 1 фаза, 220 В , 50 Гц 
Weight: 300 kg


MES connection  
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