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Development and production of solutions in the comunication field

The production site is equipped with high-end equipment made in South Korea. Fully automatic assembly line with a capacity of more than 50 thousand comp/hour based on Hanwha, TSM and Pemtron equipment.

Motherboard manufacturing

High End class production complex based on Korean equipment Famecs, ESE, Hanwha, Pemtron, TSM, MSTECH, including an automatic surface mount line with a total capacity of more than 350 thousand components per hour.

The site of washing and moisture protection of printed circuit boards.

Two AQ-650 jet cleaning systems, two generators DI water DI-200L, and installation for selective deposition of moisture-proof coatings on printed circuit boards SC-445.

X-ray medical equipment manufacturer.

Medium capacity automatic line based on KAYO equipment.

Leading manufacturer of auto components in the Russian Federation

Automatic line for surface mounting of medium capacity based on Korean equipment Hanwha, TSM, ESE.

Large contract manufacturer from Siberia

Medium-series surface mounting line based on Korean equipment Hanwha, ESE, TSM. It includes fully automatic equipment, two pick and place machines Hanwha with total capacity over 100 thousand components per hour.

Leading Russian manufacturer of components for railway transport.

Automatic PCB inspection line based on Korean equipment Famecs and Pemtron.

Manufacturer of monitoring systems for the equipment of energy enterprises.

Automatic line for surface mounting, based on Korean and Chinese equipment.

Developer and manufacturer of navigation, telemetry and monitoring systems.

High-performance inline equipment, Korean brands ESE, TSM, Pemtron, Famecs.

Motherboard manufacturing

High-performance wave soldering line with a set of conveyors for manually mounting components in holes.

Lighting engineering manufacturing

An entry-level Assembly area based on KAYO equipment, including a semi-automatic printer, an automatic linear component installer with a capacity of up to 10 thousand components per hour, a linear convection reflow furnace, and printed circuit Board transportation systems.

Consumer electronics manufacturer

Offline Selective Soldering Machine E-Therm Ant-i1.

Development and production of vehicle monitoring

Assembly area based on KAYO equipment, including: semi-automatic printer, automatic linear pick and place machine with a capacity of up to 10 000 components per hour, convection reflow oven with 4 zones and transporting systems for printed circuit boards.

Designer and manufacturer of railway systems

X-ray equipment for PCB inspection, Xavis (South Korea).

Developer and manufacturer of LED lighting for agriculture.

Automatic surface mounting line for medium series production based on KAYO equipment.

Developer and manufacturer of electronic equipment for the needs of mining enterprises

A set of equipment that includes individual units, a KAYO screen printing printer and a Hanwha high-speed component installer.

Contract manufacturing

HTGD GD450 automatic printer, used Assembleon Topaz + Emerald line

Manufacturing of LED lighting

Small-series SMD line based on pick and place machine Neoden4

Production of medical simulators

Automatic assembly line with productivity up to 30,000 comp / hour

The largest Russian manufacturer of telecommunications and network equipment

2 installations 3D AOI Pemtron 8800: freestanding and as part of an automatic line.

Industrial electronics, electrical protection systems

Equipping turnkey medium-sized assembly area

Energy metering system manufacturer

Mid-series SMD line, 3D AOI Pemtron

Scientific research Institute

Small-series desktop automatic machine Kayo D2V-25S

Contract Electronics Manufacturer

Small-series machine Neoden 4

Contract manufacturer

Mid-series SMD line of budget class KAYO 1706

Manufacturer of car alarms, car electronics and smart home systems

3D AOI system Pemtron 8800: as part of an automatic line

High-voltage equipment manufacturer

Small-series SMD line based on Autotronik BA385

Manufacturer of power supplies

Wave soldering line Ersa 330

Manufacturer of LED lighting

Small-series SMD line based on Autotronik

Digital TV Manufacturer

Small-series SMD line based on NEODEN4

Manufacturer of drivers for LED lighting

Wave soldering line

Large-series contract manufacturing

Set of conveyor systems in the SMD line

Contract manufacturing

Automatic SMD line: Kayo A8L + 1706-3DSG + printer HTGD 450 + oven E-therm E6

Contract manufacturing

Multifunctional pick and place machine Assembleon OpalX2

Manufacturer of automatic security systems

Wave soldering line based on E-therm E400

Manufacturer of LED lighting

Serial assembly line ELM180I with a capacity of up to 15,000 comp/hour

Manufacturer of LED lighting

Small-series assembly line Neoden with a capacity of up to 4000 comp/hour

Telecommunications equipment manufacturer

KAYO assembly line with a capacity of up to 13,000 comp/hour

Developer and manufacturer of lighting systems for agriculture

Automatic assembly line of LED luminaires with a capacity of up to 25,000 comp/hour

Manufacturer of network and computer equipment

Automatic assembly line KAYO with a capacity of up to 15,000 comp/hour

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