Equipment maintenance

Why is it profitable to order the service of all the equipment of the installation site in our company?

  • Two-time maintenance during the year by specialists of our company helps you maintain your equipment in working condition and be constantly ready to produce large volumes of products.
  • Choosing our company, you choose a team of professionals with successful and long-term experience in servicing surface-mounted equipment, both in Russia and abroad.
  • By handing the service into the hands of professionals, you will not accept responsibility for the operation of the equipment by calmly doing other important things in your production.
  • Leading enterprises of the industry, which include both large state-owned enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises, trust our service with equipment of such well-known manufacturers as Assembleon, Yamaha, Samsung, Dek, Ersa, Speedline (Electrovert, MPM), BTU, Siemens and others. Along with the service, our customers get access to spare parts of all the above equipment brands at a competitive price compared to the prices of official dealers.
  • An integrated approach and an individual style of working with each of our clients helps us successfully solve a wide range of service tasks, such as staff training, technology debugging, maintenance, diagnostics and equipment repair.

Equipment maintenance is a very important point in planning any production for the following reasons:

  • equipment must always perform its functions and be operational
  • equipment must comply with the parameters specified in its specification
  • equipment repair doesn't have to be expensive

about these three reasons, leading production owners to serious material losses due to the inability to fulfill their obligations to customers, as well as loss of reputation and, most undesirable, loss of customers, equipment maintenance should be carried out:

  • regularly according to the service schedule
  • by qualified people
  • using the appropriate special tools and accessories
  • using original and high-quality materials

In this regard, the 10-year experience of our highly qualified specialists in the field of servicing surface mounting lines, who thoroughly understand the whole process to the smallest detail working directly in the production, has revealed the basic principles of service from a technical as well as economic point of view.

Here is a list of equipment that we can service, repair, diagnose, and consult specialists on any issues: Assembleon (Yamaha), DEK, MPM, Electrovert, BTU, Nutek.

Below we describe the main points that should be paid special attention when servicing Assembleon Topaz / Opal XII printed circuit boards automatic machines, the most common in Russia.

  1. Lubricants.

    Lubricants must be original and in accordance with the requirements of the manufacturer. Already there is, for example, negative experience in the need to replace ballscrews on a TopazXII machine after 15 thousand hours of operation when using inappropriate lubricant at one of the enterprises. Lubricate ballscrews and rolling guides on machines of the X-XII, MG, MC series with NSK NSL (NSA) grease. Ballscrews and guides of slower drives such as the axes of DEK, MPM printers, loaders-unloaders Nutek, Asys, etc. require a simpler lithium grease, such as THK AFB-LF.

  2. Frequency of work.

    Yamaha service technicians determined equipment maintenance intervals with reference to the machine’s operating hours.

  3. Quality of work performed.

    Not always, being serviced by an authorized dealer, you get a job well done. Many electronics manufacturers from Russia and the CIS and Baltic countries have already managed to verify the qualifications of our specialists. Choosing SMT Technologies - you choose quality and reliability!

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