Automatic Soldering Robot For through-hole components model H351

Manufacturer 1Clickmachine
Model H351


Single platform configuration for PCB installation
High frequency heating: 500 W
Operating temperature: 100 - 500 ˚С
Number of soldering irons: 1
Number of axles: 4 (X / Y / Z / R)

Selective soldering robots are an inexpensive and easy-to-use solution for the production of electronic components. These robots are used if it is impossible to use a solder wave, for example, if it is necessary to solder PP with an irregular shape or complex component bodies, as well as when contact between sensitive components and the product body is prohibited from a solder wave. The use of a soldering robot is also in demand when soldering PP with small dimensions, soldering flexible PP and soldering hard-to-reach spots for a standard solder wave

System Application:

The 4-axis (X / Y / Z / R) manipulator is used for the selective soldering of integrated circuits, DIP components, color LCD displays, electronic components such as relays and microphones, optical components, components for automation, etc.


Equipment travel X/Y/Z: 320x320x100 mm

Equipment travel R: 360°

Motion system: Stepper motor

feeder with automatic feeding of tubular solder from a coil

Solder wire diameter range : 0.1 - 1.6 mm

Pneumatic tool cleaning station

Temperature Range 100 - 500 °C 

Running speed X/Y/Z: 800 mm/sec

Load : 10 kg

Repeat positioning accuracy : ±0,02 mm

Display mode 12"

Training format: pointing with a joystick or entering CAD data

Number of work programs: 9999

Power supply : 220 V, 50 Hz

Air pressure : 4 - 6 kg/cm2

Machine Size(mm) : 700×665×1050 mm

Weight : 105 kg


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