Automatic inline screen printer, model KAYO-1200

Manufacturer: KAYO
Model: L1200


Automatic line screen printer with PCB dimensions from 80x50 to 1200x500 mm.


Servo-driver of the squeegees Y-axis movement
Control and adjustment of squeegee pressure in real time
Increased efficiency of the stencil cleaning system
Print quality inspection and SPC analysis
High-precision PCB positioning system
Built-in frame holder for tensioning stencils
Inspection of stencil apertures (option)
Camera with an enlarged field of view (option)



Max. PCB size:

1200х500 mm

Min. PCB size:

80х50 mm

PCB thickness:

6 mm

PCB warpage:


Max. PCB weight:

12 kg

Max. bottom clearence:

20 mm

Frame size:

737х370 - 1800х737 mm

Repeat position accuracy:

±0,01 mm

Imaging horizon:

10,24х6,4 mm

Adjustment Range:

X±20 mm, Y±15 mm, θ ±2°

Cycle Time:

<15 sec

Changeover Time:

<10 min

Print Speed:

0-200 mm/sec

Transport Speed:

up to 1200 mm/sec

Print Pressure:

0,5 -15 kg/cm2

Stencil Snap-off:

0,02 - 12 mm

Transport Height:

900±40 mm

Transport Direction:

Left-Right, Right-Left, Left-Left, Right-Right

Machine Dimensions(LxWxH):

2455×1400×1520 mm

Power Supply:

220V±10%, 50/60HZ, 3,3kW

Air Supply:

4-6 atm., diameter of tube - 10 mm

Machine Weight:

1780 kg

Base complectation

Automatic inline screen printer KAYO-1200
Control software
Telecentric camera and automatic vision system
Drive system for aligning the stencil and printed circuit board by fiducial marks
Two independent self-adjusting servo printing heads
X, Y and θ stepper drives
Built-in adapter for stencil frames (from 737x370 mm to 1800x737 mm)
PCB Gripping and Positioning System
PCB support device (magnetic pins, vacuum unit)
Programmable conveyor width adjustment
SMEMA interface
Optical inspection of paste on contact pads (2D)


Automatic Adding Solder Paste
Constant Temperature and Humidity
Automatic Dispensing
PCB Vacuum Clamping
Stencil inspection
Wide FOV camera

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