Soldering Station TMT-9000S

Manufacturer Thermaltronics
Model TMT9000S


TMT-2000S professional soldering station based on induction heating technology taking into account the temperature at the Curie point


The Curie point is a point with a certain temperature at which a ferromagnetic alloy loses its properties. The Curie point has its own individual value for each ferromagnetic alloy. In physics and materials science, the Curie temperature or Curie point determines the temperature at which the ferromagnetic material becomes paramagnetic

Thermaltronics Soldering Stations
The base part of the Thermaltronics soldering system is a cartridge, which is a heating element and a tip at the same time. The principle of operation of soldering stations is based on induction heating of the cartridge, which is made of copper with a ferromagnetic coating. In Thermaltronics soldering stations, the induction coil is located directly on the tip of the cartridge, where a permanent alternating magnetic field is created. Adjusting the temperature of the cartridge is done by changing the Curie point of the ferromagnetic alloy tip. At the moment of contact of the tip with the soldering point, its temperature changes depending on the specific heat of the soldered joint, after which energy replenishment begins by means of a magnetic field to stabilize the temperature at the Curie point

For each model of Thermaltronics soldering systems, can be used cartridges with different maximum heating temperatures:

Serie 600: 325 – 358 °C
Serie 700: 350 – 398 °C
Serie 800: 420 – 475 °C

  • Time to reach maximum temperature: 4-5 seconds
  • The possibility of overheating of the soldered joint is excluded
  • There is no need for time to select the necessary temperature for soldering different types of joints. Depending on the specific heat of the brazed joint, temperature is stabilized at the Curie point
  • The mass of the soldering iron is much lower compared to traditional models
  • A large number of interchangeable tips with various shapes
  • Minimum number of auxiliary parts for station operation
  • There is no internal thermal resistance (barrier) between the heater and the tip of the soldering iron
  • When inactive, the soldering iron is automatically turned off, thereby ensuring low power consumption
  • No system calibration required
  • No additional training for installers required
  • High quality and competitive price, in comparison with analogues (Metcal)


Input Line Voltage (two types of power supplies are available):

- 1 power supply: 100-110 V

- 2 power supply: 220-240 V

Surface Resistivity:  10⁵ - 10⁹  Ω/sq

Tip to Ground Resistance:  < 2 Ohms

Idle temperature Stability:  +/- 1.1°C (2°F)

Ambient temperature: 10-40 °C (50°F -104°F)


- 1 fuse: 125V, 1A

- 2 fuse: 250V, 0.5A

Output Power (Maximum):  40 W

Output Frequency: 13.56 MHz

Size (W x H x D): 212.4 x 118 x 132 mm

Weight: 3.47 kg

LCD display: 60.0 mm x 16 mm

Input Line Frequency:  50/60 Hz

Compatible with cartridge “M” series

Base complectation

Power Supply

Soldering iron stand with sponge holder

Soldering iron holder black

Soldering iron holder green

Brass cleaner

Sponge for stand


Cartridge "М" series for TMT-9000S soldering station

TMT-900S_TIP_M (1).jpg

Desoldering gun:
The solder desoldering gun allows you to quickly and efficiently clean the required spot using a vacuum pump. Maintenance and cleaning of the gun is very easy thanks to six replaceable filters and a removable liner - solder chamber


Desoldering gun work video

Tweezers handpiece is ergonomically designed for reworking even the smallest components. Allows locking of both arms and adjustment of tips horizontally and vertically.


Tweezer work video

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