Fully automatic screen printer, model US-7000X

Manufacturer ESE
Model US-7000X


Automatic screen printer for working with PCBs up to 650x510 mm

  • The printing-table conveyor system does not have a fixed front or rear rail as with conventional printers. Instead, adjustable front and rear rails position the PCB directly over the center of the table, allowing consistent, high-precision paste printing for components down to 01005 (0402 metric) and pitches to 0.012 in (0.3 mm).
  • ESE’s adjustable stencil rails eliminate the need for expensive stencil adapters that are time-consuming to set up and can get lost, bent or damaged. An easy-to-use plunger mechanism enables quick changeover of stencils, increasing productivity.
  • The 3 stages of incoming, Middle outgoing conveyor system features Automatic width adjustment for quick, trouble-free operation.
  • ESE vision system features an up/down CCD camera and four separate LED rings—three for the PCB and one for the stencil—for simultaneous recognition of PCB and stencil fiducial marks, as well as automatic 2-D paste inspection. The highly accurate system recognizes any type of mark, including custom marks that can be created by the user.
  • The print head, which is controlled by high-precision servo motors and LM guides, features a programmable five-stage snap-off function, resulting in superior printing quality.
  • The under-stencil cleaning system features programmable wet, dry, air-blow and vacuum modes, for fast, thorough cleaning. The solvent tank is conveniently located on the side of the machine, eliminating the need to stop the machine for refilling. Other features include a mechanism to prevent the edges of the cleaning paper from fraying and a programmable paper saver.
  • The user-friendly ESE software, which runs on the familiar Windows 7 (or Windows 10) operating system, allows efficient programming of PCBs and easy access to maintenance and manufacturing data.


Minimum PCB size 50x50 mm
Maximum PCB size - 650x510 mm
PCB thickness - 0.3 - 5 mm
Stencil size - 650mm, 736 mm, 800 mm, 850 mm
Printing speed - 5 - 250 mm / s
Printing force - 3 - 25 kg
Cycle time - 10 sec.
Alignment accuracy - ± 12.5 μm (6 sigma)
Printing repeatability - ± 25 μm (6 sigma)
Power supply - 1 phase, 220 V, 50/60 Hz
Air supply - 4 - 6 bar, 130 l / min

Base complectation

Major Built-In function: 
Off-Line Programming  
SPI Closed Loop  
2D Inspection  
Machine Alignment Accuracy extract [ Table & Vision  X, Y, Theta ] 
Automatic Camera calibration  
Automatic Squeegee Z center position calibration
Automatic Stencil inspection & cleaning 
Automatic Offset Alignment  
Traceability PCB 2D barcode ( less than 5mm size ) 
ESE standard MES data extract 
All production histroy data extract
Software for Grid-Lock, GemiX-Lock and Quik-Tool (Automatic Support Tool) 
Automatic Conveyor adjustment 
Automatic PCB loading direction check


Touch screen monitor
Air conditioner
Temperature controller
Temperature & Humidity display
Center Table vacuum pressure sensor
Area sensor for satefy
Auto solder paste dispenser[Single Tube type]
Auto solder paste dispenser[ JAR type]
Solder paste roll height check system
Barcode Management with handheld scanner + Software
Center Vacuum Plate( Table Vacuum JIG)
Side vacuum clamp tool [ 1 set - 4 ps ]
Real time squeegee pressure closed loop
Glue Dispenser
Paperless Cleaner Kit [ 350mm, 500mm Only ]
Programmable Y (Side) Clamp pressure
Enclosed Print Head Squeegee [ 350MM Only ]


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